Barraganete Plantain

Grown in the best plantain area of the country, El Carmen, Manabí, Ecuador. The Plantain is a major source of carbohydrate that can be fried, boiled, or baked in a variety of Latin-American dishes. It contains vitamin B6, C and minerals such as Potassium and Magnesium, high in antioxidants and good for your heart. Considered versatile since it’s a starchy vegetable and a great substitute for potato.

Fruit Specification

Fruit Age: 10 weeks (depending on the season)

Minimum Length of Fingers: 9 inches

Calibration: Min. 52 – Max. 60

Box Type: SF-101/ 22 XU

Finger per box: 65-70 single pieces

Stickers: 12-14 per box

Packing: Vacuum in high density plastic bag

Net weight of fruit: 50 lb. /22.7 kg per box

Loading Container:

  • 840 boxes palletized (42 boxes/20 pallets) per 40ft container.
  • 1080 boxes palletized (54 boxes/20 pallets per 40ft HC container.



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